Korten w/ PCDForum board member Roberto VargasFounder and President, Living Economies Forum [formerly The People-Centered Development Forum]

The Living Economies Forum works with and through partner organizations and a circle of extraordinary colleagues to articulate and communicate framing ideas that light the path to a New Economy grounded in positive living system principles that recognize life's extraordinary capacity for cooperative self-organization. It is Dr. Korten's primary organizational base.

Cofounder and Board Chair, YES! Magazine

YES! communicates powerful ideas that reframe our understanding of human possibility, telling the stories of the people engaged in practical actions that advance and demonstrate the viability of those ideas, helping positive initiatives connect with one another and providing access to tools and techniques for change. The YES! website hosts Dr. Korten’s blog.

Founding Board Member Emeritus, Business Alliance for Local Living Economies

BALLE is an international alliance of local networks of independent businesses dedicated to building local living economies to ensure that economic power is rooted in local communities and sustains healthy community and natural life over the long term. Dr. Korten’s work on living economies helped to frame BALLE’s founding vision. He completed his board service the end of 2012.

Co-Chair, New Economy Working Group (NEWGroup)

NEWGroup serves as a virtual policy tank tank and communications resource to divil society groups working to reframe the economy policy debate to address the social and environmental impratives of the 21st century.  

Member, The Club of Rome

The CoR is a global network of scientists, economists, businessmen, international high civil servants, heads of state and former heads of state from all five continents who are convinced that the future of humankind is not determined once and for all and that each human being can contribute to the improvement of our societies. It serves as a global systems policy think tank for humanity. 

Associate Fellow, Institute for Policy Studies (IPS)

IPS is Washington, DCs oldest progressive multi-issue think tank. It functions as a community of public scholars and organizers linking progressive peace, justice, and environment issues in the United States and globally.

Advisory Board Member of the American Independent Business Alliance

AMIBA is a coalition of local independent businesses and community supporters united to raise awareness of the benefits of doing business locally, promote business-to-business relationships among independent businesses, and advocate policies that nurture community businesses.

Advisory Council Member, Center for Child Honoring

Founded by Raffi, the Center for Child Honouring advocates a "children first" approach to healing communities and restoring ecosystems. It views how we regard and treat our young as the key to building humane and sustainable world.

Advisory Board Member, Green Institute

A policy institute based on Green values with critical analysis and alternatives