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Change the Story, Change the Future: A Living Economy for a Living Earth


Agenda for a New Economy: From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth

Agenda - Discussion GuideThe Discussion Guide for the second edition of Agenda for a New Economy provides an adaptable format for a series of discussions, aligned with the five parts of the book.  Each session includes a synopsis of the major ideas presented and discussion questions.  This Guide reflects the deeper analysis, extensive revisions, and updates in the second edition based on 18 months of David’s intensive work with the New Economy Working Group.

This Guide provides a framework for meaningful conversations about the prevailing economic system and the new story of tranformation and possibilities.  A major intention of the Guide is to encourage the practice and art of telling our stories, expressing our ideas, and asking the tough questions of ourselves and each other to help accelerate the Great Turning and a popular movement toward a new, living economy.

The Great Turning:  From Empire to Earth Community

There are many ways to facilitate a deeper discussion of the ideas presented in The Great Turning. Our hope is that your discussions not only plumb the intellectual understanding of the ideas in The Great Turning, but also connect participants to their personal experiences of the larger influences of Empire, and create new stories based on the principles of Earth Community.

The discussion guide is designed for five, two-hour sessions, which are aligned with each of the five parts in the book. Each session includes: a synopsis of the major ideas within the chapters, whole group discussion questions to explore intellectually, and questions for small groups and dyads (groups of two) to explore more personally.

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