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The Donella Meadows Archive

If you are looking for the archive of of Donella "Dana" Meadows "Global Citizen" columns that were originally published and archived on the PCDForum site at these materials are available in a complete archive of her work maintained by the Sustainability Institute, which she founded.

Dana was one of the most important thinkers and voices in the sustainability movement and a beloved friend and colleague. We are proud of the small role we played in helping make her ideas widely available.

Soon after its founding in 1990, the PCDForum received a request from InterAction, a consortium body of U.S. international relief and development nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that we provide a series of columns for its newsletter. We initiated the PCDForum Information Service on October 2, 1990 to produce and distribute articles and opinion pieces to a colleagues and cooperation publications to reproduct or reprint.

We focused on exposing the flawed premises of conventional development wisdom regarding economic growth, foreign aid, trade, foreign investment, the Bretton Woods institutions, and related topics.  Contributions came from members of the PCDForum's Board of Contributing Editors and other colleagues from around the world.

The Service also prepared and distributed a collection of "Paradigm Warrior Profiles" on colleagues at the forefront of redefining the ruling development paradigm.

We sought to strengthen the voices and legitimacy of what was then a small and often lonely band of heretics willing to accept the risk to their reputations and persons of challenging the legitimating ideology of development theories and practices that destroy people, communities, and nature--yet are embraced almost as religious dogma by those who head humanity's most powerful institutions.

By 1997, the Forum's once unconventional views had became defining ideas of a global movement that now aligns millions of people in a quest for alternatives to corporate globalization and its growth-at-all-costs vision of human progress. The PCDForum's Board of Directors concluded that there was no longer a distinctive need for the PCDForum Information Service and it was discontinued to free resources for other initiatives.

The materials are of continuing relevance and are archived here by the year in which they were distributed. Except for items identified as from other published sources, these materials may be freely reprinted and reproduced without further permission.

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