New Economy Resources

Books by David Korten

Three current books by David Korten frame our work on the New Economy.
  • Agenda for a New Economy: From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth. A Declaration of Independence from Wall Street, 2nd edition, (August 2010) is the Forum's most current and complete treatment of the New Economy we envision. The companion Discussion Guide is a resource for group discussion. It also provides a synopsis of key ideas and each of the individual chapters.
  • When Corporations Rule the World (1995, 2001) is the Forum’s classic international best seller. It drew international attention to the use of multilateral trade agreements by global corporations to consolidate their power beyond the reach of democratic accountability. It helped to launch and shape the powerful global resistance movement against corporate-led economic globalization.
  • The Post-Corporate World: Life After Capitalism(1999) develops the living systems framework for a global system of bioregional economies that mimic the structure and dynamics of Earth’s biosphere. It provided the underlying conceptual framework for the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies that launched in 2001.

Our Partner Websites

The websites of our four organizational partners provide a wealth of New Economy resources, including links to many of the thousands of organizations involved in this work.

Opportunities to Dialogue with Us

Go to YES! to comment on David Korten’s blogs. Given the popularity and effectiveness of social media sites that specialize in supporting community dialogues, our policy is to encourage and support the use of such forums rather than attempting to maintain yet another such forum on this web site. We also join us on:

  • Twitter: David Korten tweets as @dkorten. Kat Gjovik tweets as @thegreatturning. #agenda2 is a tag for the 2nd edition of Agenda for a New Economy. #neweconomy is the general tag we use for most of our Tweets.

Other primary resources.

In addition to our partner sites, we recommend the following as primary resources that in turn link the larger community of allies in this work.

  • The New Economy Network (NEN) is a broad based U.S. alliance of organizations mobilizing for an economy that sustains people and the planet. The Forum is a member.
  • The New Rules Project is an invaluable resource for practical policy ideas and initiatives directly supportive of efforts to build strong just and sustainable local economies. See especially its Community Banking Initiative.

PCDForum Archive

The PCDForum was formed in 1990 as a support network for a group of colleagues who were challenging development orthodoxy. We maintain an archive of our past publications and presentations as part of the movement’s historical record. It is a tool for those interested in tracing the history of the ideas presented in the Forum’s defining books.