Music & Art

"Among the best artists are truth tellers who have the ability to awaken our minds from the cultural trance... Talented aratists can help us see beauty, meaning, and the possibility in what we may otherwise experience only as mundane and fragmented. They can take us on a journey to a future no one has yet visited to experinece possibilites we may not have imagined... Our movement needs the contribution of millions of artists who use their powers of perception and representation to liberate our consciousness..."

Here are a few of the artists who inspire us and a glimpse of their contributions:

Raffi Cavoukian

Turn This World Around

No Wall Too Tall (Celebrating Agenda for a New Economy)


Bill Cleveland

Director, Center for the Study of Art and Community

Author, Art and Upheaval and, with Patricia Shifferd, Between Grace and Fear



Jason McLennan

CEO, Cascadia Green Building Council and the International Living Building Institute

President/CEO, Ecotone Publishing

Author, Zugunruhe: The Inner Migration to Profound Environmental Change