Our Partners

Most of the Forum's work is carried out with and through our four primary organizational partners: YES! Magazine  (YES!), Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), New Economy Coalition, and Toward Ecological Civilization

YES! Magazine

Changing the framing stories of the culture

YES! logoYES! Magazine is a communications organization founded in 1996 to advance powerful ideas and practical actions for building a vibrant, fair, and healthy world. Through its print publication and website, it has become an influential voice within the progressive movement with its distinctive focus on framing the emerging new economic, political, and cultural mainstream. It is an essential resource for those working for economic and social transformation. David Korten is co-founder and board chair.

Institute for Policy Studies

Changing the rules of the game through policy advocacy

IPS Logo

As Washington's first progressive multi-issue "think tank," the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) has served as a policy and research resource for visionary social justice movements for over four decades: from the anti-war and civil rights movements in the 1960s to the peace and global justice movements of the last decade. Rooted in social movements, IPS public scholars turn ideas into action for peace, justice and the environment. These movements include the hundreds of peace groups that make up United for Peace and Justice, grassroots networks like Jobs with Justice and Grassroots Global Justice, and the many groups that make up the U.S. and global "climate justice" movements. They also serve as a think tank resource for the 77-member Congressional Progressive Caucus, and for progressive local elected officials. IPS public scholars run a school for activists, and produce a steady stream of books, reports, popular education materials, and resource lists. David Korten is an IPS associate fellow. 

New Economy Coalition

Creating from the bottom up a new reality that prioritizes  the well-being of people and the planet

New Economy Coalition puts evolutionary ideas into practice by bringing together people who understand the system is broken and must be replaced with like-minded organizations and leaders to build a movement that propels America toward a New Economy.


Democracy Collaborative

Rooting power in local communities through the democratization of ownership.

The Democracy Collaborative supports community wealth building projects through research, training, policy development, and community-focused work designed to promote an an economic paradigm based on the democratization of ownership. 


Toward Ecological Civilization 

Bringing both theory and practice, moving beyond narrow disciplinary boundaries in order to secure our future and learn to think and live sustainably on this planet. 

Toward Ecological Civilization works to identify how the major sectors of human social, political, and economic life will need to be organized if humans are to live ecologically and sustainably on this planet for the long-term. Core research into the requirements of ecological civilization gives rise to policy recommendations, advocacy work, and transformative implementations that turn theory into reality.